I tiredly landed in Brussels after an amazing last meal in Dublin and 2 hours of sleep. I lugged my luggage across the city, which I found to be a bit… Browner, than others I had landed in (the splashes of colour would come). I found my way to G.M., who was working, so I […]

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Dublin, Malahide, Howth

There wasn’t a particular vision I had in mind when I made my way to Ireland, but I was blown away by its natural beauty when I arrived! … And funky bars. I did not realize just how much I valued how the ocean feels until I was standing on a coastline again and seeing […]

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After my brief stay in Prague, I made my way over to the U.K. to visit family friends! I stayed in a quiet village outside of London, but made my way into the big city twice for full day trips. One of those days resulted in the worst blisters I have ever dealt with and […]

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My time in Prague was far too short, and I wish I could have enjoyed more outside of Old Town. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful (and bustling) city that I am glad I saw in such beautiful weather! Its colours and cobblestones and castle were delightful (and my company, too).

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Poland: Białystok

We began our journey to Białystok by taking time to tour the Museum of Struggle and Martyrdom in Treblinka on the grounds of the former extermination camp. The grounds show little sign of the former camp, but the space is wide open and cleared of trees (except for those which surround the area, illustrating how […]

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Poland: Kraków

It was a bit of a surprise to us all when we realized we were a bit sad to be leaving Oświęcim – it had been a long 12 days. However, after we had received a very heartfelt farewell from our hosts and individual certificates of completion noting 80 hours of education on site, I […]

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