Poland: Białystok

We began our journey to Białystok by taking time to tour the Museum of Struggle and Martyrdom in Treblinka on the grounds of the former extermination camp. The grounds show little sign of the former camp, but the space is wide open and cleared of trees (except for those which surround the area, illustrating how […]

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Poland: Kraków

It was a bit of a surprise to us all when we realized we were a bit sad to be leaving Oświęcim – it had been a long 12 days. However, after we had received a very heartfelt farewell from our hosts and individual certificates of completion noting 80 hours of education on site, I […]

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Poland: Warsaw I

It’s been three days of content for the course and as I write this we are preparing for a travel day that will be wrapped up with a seminar in Auschwitz, our next destination and residence for 12 days. The city of Warsaw is beautiful, and it is difficult to comprehend how much of it […]

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ABCs of: Denim, Easter, Food

The day of near denim overdose. (See how I continued the “ABCs” with the words in my title?)There is little to update anyone on during this frustratingly lengthy exam break (12 days between my first exam and my last two exams on the same day), but I thought it would be a nice time to […]

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Recognition Banquet in Photos

Hello, and welcome to the NRHH/RHA Recognition Banquet of 2014! Here, we take a moment to recognize some of the hard work and successes of student leaders at UBC within the National Residence Hall Honorary, the Residence Hall Association, and the university as a whole. Gerri the gender-neutral giraffe welcomes you to our event, hosted […]

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