Pumpkin Challenge 2017: Days 6 – 10

Each year, I endeavor to consume one pumpkin thing per day for the month of October. This is my 7th annual Pumpkin Challenge – welcome!


Day 6: Pumpkin Chocolate, Lindor


Arriving late off a flight, I was not sure what my pumpkin item would turn out to be, but I was pleasantly surprised to be presented with pumpkin chocolate spheres upon my arrival! I didn’t find the pumpkin spice flavour to be very prominent in the chocolate, but the mild flavour paired well with it nonetheless.



Day 7: Mini Crustless Pumpkin Pies, Chocolate-Covered Katie

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Munich, Frankfurt, Home

Finally – it is time to go home! My last stretch of airports is upon me as I fly from Warsaw to Munich. My flight in Warsaw is delayed by almost an hour and I sprint across terminals trying to catch my critical connecting flight – and I miss it.

Probably the best part about this stretch of my journey was this amazing soy hot chocolate from the Munich airport. It topped my European hot chocolate experiences quickly!

I stand in line for probably at least another hour before learning that there are no more flights out of Munich to Vancouver for another 24 hours. I had been so mentally prepared to go home that I almost cried on the spot – I had no more money to spend on hanging out in Europe and I didn’t want to get a free night in a hotel only to have to spend an entire day in the airport trying to kill time the next day while I waited for a flight. So, I met with a very kind German customer service fellow who offered me an alternative: Fly to Frankfurt, stay the night, fly to Vancouver the next morning.


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Poland: Katowice

An incredibly stressful sprint to the airport took me from Brussels to Warsaw, where I stayed for the night before heading to my final major destination: Katowice!


I will admit to having lost my emotional composure multiple times between Brussels and Warsaw, and then again more intensely between Warsaw and Katowice – misinterpreting which airport I was to go to, trying to store large luggage overnight in different languages, avoiding having my phone casually stolen on the bus, and lacking decent sleep for weeks. It could have been a lot worse, but I was quite shaken by the time I arrived in Katowice. Thankfully, my cousin had given me directions to my first stop in the town: Veganka.


Full of traditional Polish food that has been veganized, a very kind employee translated every menu item for me and I found myself with a sour sausage soup and a vegan ice cream sandwich (VERY GOOD). My cousin met up with me, and we began a whirlwind tour of the area that would last for only a couple of days.

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I tiredly landed in Brussels after an amazing last meal in Dublin and 2 hours of sleep. I lugged my luggage across the city, which I found to be a bit… Browner, than others I had landed in (the splashes of colour would come). I found my way to G.M., who was working, so I wandered around and ate a delicious (and inexpensive) sandwich. My short trip to Brussels quickly checked items off the list: Frites, beer, chocolate, waffles.

Brussels was a very food-centric and short trip!

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Dublin, Malahide, Howth

There wasn’t a particular vision I had in mind when I made my way to Ireland, but I was blown away by its natural beauty when I arrived!


… And funky bars.

I did not realize just how much I valued how the ocean feels until I was standing on a coastline again and seeing waves crash and hearing sea birds fly overhead. It was so refreshing to be outside and enjoying good company in such a lovely place.

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After my brief stay in Prague, I made my way over to the U.K. to visit family friends! I stayed in a quiet village outside of London, but made my way into the big city twice for full day trips. One of those days resulted in the worst blisters I have ever dealt with and the other led me down a dark hole of temptation that included a lot of vintage and thrifted clothing as well as pounds of chocolate in both solid and liquid form.

It was glorious.

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