Home and the Holidays

Almost two months after my return home for the holidays, I look back on that week as a dream of sorts – it felt oh-so-normal to be back, but now it’s as though I never was. It was as though I had never been gone as soon as the plane touched down, and thus began […]

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Munich, Frankfurt, Home

Finally – it is time to go home! My last stretch of airports is upon me as I fly from Warsaw to Munich. My flight in Warsaw is delayed by almost an hour and I sprint across terminals trying to catch my critical connecting flight – and I miss it. I stand in line for […]

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Poland: Katowice

An incredibly stressful sprint to the airport took me from Brussels to Warsaw, where I stayed for the night before heading to my final major destination: Katowice! I will admit to having lost my emotional composure multiple times between Brussels and Warsaw, and then again more intensely between Warsaw and Katowice – misinterpreting which airport […]

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My family moved to a new house recently, after staying in our previous home for nearly 13 years. I was having a lot of trouble wrapping my head around this significant change, particularly due to its being plunked right in the midst of many other changes happening simultaneously. Up until the move, I had been […]

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#PembyFest: The Ressurrection

Two weekends ago, I had the exciting experience of being an attendee at the comeback-year for the Pemberton Music Festival! My first music festival experience. While I missed almost the entire opening night’s lineup of artists (including Nine Inch Nails and Cage the Elephant), I was able to catch some serious bass at Bass Camp […]

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Catching Up

The last month has been full of family, travel, work and, of course, food. Where to begin? Summer sunsets. Belated birthday outings, featuring friendship witha side of veggie burgers and vegetable chips. Canada Day relaxation. A necessary 3AM trip to The Naam. Drive-in dates! Summer time BBQs of veggiedogs and tofu kabobs! Mischievous kittens. Birthday sushi fun […]

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Spring: The First Few Weeks

The last week has been fun!And full of food adventures.Since my first day at work, just over a week ago, I have declined two job interviews on account of being unable to commit to the hours of the position if it were offered to me, I attended a day of rodeo fun, and I got […]

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ABCs of: Denim, Easter, Food

The day of near denim overdose. (See how I continued the “ABCs” with the words in my title?)There is little to update anyone on during this frustratingly lengthy exam break (12 days between my first exam and my last two exams on the same day), but I thought it would be a nice time to […]

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