About Me

I hail from Western Canada and go by the pronouns she and her(s). I am part of a web of family, friends, school, coast, country, and feminist, anti-racist thinkers. My happy place usually contains chocolate, a camera, and my loved ones.

My blog started as a platform for sharing reviews for the 2014 hot chocolate festival and grew into a bit of a public, online journal. Now, I hope that it will continue to be a way for me to share my stories, but through a more refined lens that focuses in on a few key values of mine: Food,feminist thinking, and photography.

While I am neither a renowned scholar of the gender, race, sexuality, and social justice field nor a professional photographer, these are things that rejuvenate and invigorate me, and I hope to find energy and inspiration through engaging with these pieces in my blog. I also hope to find ways to connect all of my passions with one of my greater loves – people.

When I can combine any of the things I do – eating, thinking, photographing, exploring – I find great joy in sharing in those moments with others. In saying that, I offer a taste of why the blog has its name – creating moments through going through life’s motions, two ideas I often find myself situated between.


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