Pumpkin Challenge: Day 29

The paleo diet – if a caveman (ahem, cave person) wouldn’t eat it, neither do you! If you could hunt for it and find it in the wild, then it’s yours to eat – nuts, seasonal fruits and veggies, meat, seeds, etc. Essentially, it is a “natural” diet, in that you aren’t dealing with agriculturally-produced […]

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Pumpkin Challenge: Day 28

Tuesday has been a continuation of the trying to cross out my to-do-list items. Tuesday has been a somewhat back-to-back sort of day. Tuesday was a day to combine my consumption challenges into one item! A desire to eat something sweet joined forces with a desire to clean out my system and the need to […]

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Pumpkin Challenge: Day 22

Yesterday, as I pulled out my tools for making miniature pumpkin treats, I was met with a surprise:My roommate was already going to bake a pumpkin treat!Since I was having a moment of academic inspiration, I decided to take advantage of this opportunity to keep studying while she took on the mixing and measuring and […]

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Pumpkin Challenge: Day 21

Today marked a small but exciting event, and since breakfast is the most important/one of my favourite meals of the day, it felt appropriate to start the day off with breakfast being super.I do not often eat pancakes, but when I do, the day is either going to be tough, and thus requires a breakfast […]

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Pumpkin Challenge: Day 20

The Pumpkin Challenge has reached an approximate 2/3 completion, and the majority of the last 20 days have consisted of baked goods. They have been delicious, they have been vegan, they have been relatively healthy in comparison to the average baked good. However, it felt necessary to have something a little more savoury today, a […]

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Pumpkin Challenge: Day 19

Sundays seem to carry a reputation (at least in my mind) for being good days to bake, and the completion of one of my school assignments felt like reason enough to take on a new pumpkin recipe that I had been eyeing for a few days.Today was full of studying, apples, and good company, so […]

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Pumpkin Challenge: Day 16

Almost Friday.One more big push before the freedom of Friday. Not enough sleep, an emotional hangover, and a need for something to get me through the morning – what could help with all of these conditions?Pumpkin pie in a bowl. Another beauty from Chocolate-Covered Katie.  The original recipe did not specify making it warm, but […]

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Pumpkin Challenge: Day 15

A day late! Clearly, I am not on my pumpkin posting game. Yesterday seemed to carry with it a need for therapeutic baking, because three of the six people living in my flat decided to make baked goods at the same time yesterday evening! I certainly needed something delicious and melodic to soothe my busy […]

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