#PembyFest: The Ressurrection

Two weekends ago, I had the exciting experience of being an attendee at the comeback-year for the Pemberton Music Festival! My first music festival experience. While I missed almost the entire opening night’s lineup of artists (including Nine Inch Nails and Cage the Elephant), I was able to catch some serious bass at Bass Camp […]

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Catching Up

The last month has been full of family, travel, work and, of course, food. Where to begin? Summer sunsets. Belated birthday outings, featuring friendship witha side of veggie burgers and vegetable chips. Canada Day relaxation. A necessary 3AM trip to The Naam. Drive-in dates! Summer time BBQs of veggiedogsĀ andĀ tofu kabobs! Mischievous kittens. Birthday sushi fun […]

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