Summer To-Do List (Ongoing)

Every day, I make a to-do list on my Brookstone Boogie Board: I can easily write and erase my lists forenvironmentally-friendly prioritizing! I check off items as I go throughout the day, and it is a very simple way that I love using to stay organized, reflect on what needs to be done (and in […]

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ABCs of: Denim, Easter, Food

The day of near denim overdose. (See how I continued the “ABCs” with the words in my title?)There is little to update anyone on during this frustratingly lengthy exam break (12 days between my first exam and my last two exams on the same day), but I thought it would be a nice time to […]

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Recognition Banquet in Photos

Hello, and welcome to the NRHH/RHA Recognition Banquet of 2014! Here, we take a moment to recognize some of the hard work and successes of student leaders at UBC within the National Residence Hall Honorary, the Residence Hall Association, and the university as a whole. Gerri the gender-neutral giraffe welcomes you to our event, hosted […]

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Back from Hiatus

Hello, M&M.If I’m not mistaken, it has been quite some time since we’ve interacted! My hope is to be back more regularly for updates as classes end… and the season of studying for final exams begins.In the last two weeks… My mom made special homemade soup for me! My sister turned nineteen and we went […]

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