Weekend of March 14 – 16: Wine, Pie, and Comedy

Appetizer dish with
Moscato D’asti – Batasiolo Bosc 11/12

The weekend began with Vine Fest – GD’s wine-tasting event which featured four wines and an array of cheeses, breads, meats, and fruits to snack on and pair with the drinks available. 

As it was March 14 (03/14), it was also a night to celebrate pi(e)! To do so, he and I made our way to Aphrodite’s Organic Cafe and Pie Shop to indulge in a small dinner and amazing dessert; I was finally able to try one of their chocolate pies! I always miss the boat on those ones by the end of the day when they have sold out.

(Vegan) Gnocci with sunchokes and hazelnut pesto.
(Vegan) Chocolate pecan pie!

In the rain on Saturday, NT and I made our way to the Vancouver Winter Farmer’s Market to indulge in many-a-sample item and purchase a couple of treats from local vendors with their seasonal specialties up for grabs!
How to choose?


I didn’t feel too hot on Saturday for the day’s entirety, so some kitchen therapy resulted in a triple batch of Chocolate Covered Katie chocolate chip cookies and a happier spirit (to make up for both a less-than-content stomach and an achey head).

Homemade plantain chips!

We finished off the weekend with a comedian’s show downtown and walked in with a beautiful sunset backdrop to the downtown nightlife just beginning to shine.


Last Weekend: Food

Last weekend was one full of delicious meals and baking adventures. I shall summarize below:
Marble Swirl Chocochip Banana Bread (CCK Recipe) – baked
with AA while we caught up on life and drank tea.

A sushi-filled double date with the sister and our novios!
Sushi Topia is captained by a pleasant man who makes
very delicious food – even for us veggie-heads!
It was Waffle Gone Wild!’s 1-year anniversary event –
we just happened to stop by for brunch on the right day!
We were allowed to burst a balloon to find a giveaway
inside – we ended up with free ice cream.
J and M both ordered the Banana
Nutella waffles – mmmm, chocolate.
Delicious Bombay Chai tea.


I went for the Cinnamon Apple option!

(Not quite the weekend…) On Monday, I baked vegan cookies for my council meeting! Which was followed by my first full staff meeting as a future advisor – I got to meet my future team! It was very exciting, and all of my future colleagues seem like fun and kind people. The cookies were also great – adopted from a CCK recipe with added Ener-G Egg Replacer to see if they would fluff up. They did!

A tour around campus to take some
photos the other day led me to what
I consider a sure sign of impending
Spring – blooming daffodils! =D

2 Year Vegiversary: Chinatown

This weekend was one that would be full of studying for my upcoming midterm. To ensure I had my heart-warming fix of family, I studied up until the weekend and, on Saturday, I was able to finally get a visit in with my dad!

In addition to celebrating finally getting to see one another, there was another occasion to take note of: My 2 year anniversary of vegetarianism! It has been an interesting and educational and ‘fruitful’ (ha) journey, and I like to have an excuse to go find some treats to eat. On the suggestion of a friend, we vouched for a restaurant coinciding with our plans to visit Chinatown: Jade Dynasty Restaurant.

We enjoyed a splatter of vegetarian options – my dad didn’t order any meat, either! – and then proceeded to explore the area a little. The Cultural Centre was very interesting, and had a gallery featuring two artists that focused on the theme of trees.


After walking through the whole of the centre, we explored the gardens outside, then visited a couple of the shops around the main block of the sub-city in Vancouver.


We discussed my possible future plans with regards to school and involvement and all of that fun stuff, and made our way to a Hot Chocolate Festival location to indulge in some post-brunch dessert at Thomas Haas Chocolates

It was a much-needed catch-up, and was a nice prelude to a stressful Sunday and Monday.
Speaking of Monday…

I was hired as a Residence Advisor! At the end of a long day of hearing no news, I was informed that the computer system had lost my phone number, and I was hired in-person. After much emotional and stressful deliberation, I have decided to accept my offer and take on the new challenges and opportunities associated with the RezLife employee role.

On to new adventures! After RHA elections…