Reading Week 2014

With reading week already three days past, the midterm grind is on and I have become unnaturally fatigued following the men’s gold medal hockey game (the early morning seems to have triggered an insatiable weariness). However, I had a wonderful week off from classes and was able to do lots of adventuring thanks to an […]

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HoCho Fest Day 26: Bacchu’s Dream

The penultimate day of the hot chocolate festival is upon us! I took this opportunity to make a quick trip down to Cocoa Nymph before other evening obligations came upon me. Bacchu’s Dream: Made from 72% dark chocolate with red winereduction and apple ginger compote.Served with walnut shortbread (vegan).($6.65)  This particular beverage was made with coconut […]

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HoCho Fest Day 25: …?!

I was disappointed to find that another location in the hot chocolate festival has stopped serving festival specials – but this time, the website was not overlooked by me! They stopped early according to the schedule online. With a tight schedule and a lot of driving ahead of me, I went to Beaucoup Bakery and […]

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HoCho Fest Day 21: Winter Citrus

Today(yesterday)’s festival item was truly a blessing in how it soothed my very fragile mind from today (yesterday)! The day had felt overwhelming for no identifiable reason, so a kind offer to accompany me to my location for the day was very welcomed. Location of choice: The Last Crumb Cafe. According to their website, The […]

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Something is Growing

I cannot identify what it is, but every so often during the last few weeks I have felt this “something”, and it seems to be expanding within me. It may simply be a sense of anticipation for the upcoming months that will determine what my involvement and living arrangements for the next academic year will […]

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